Product Reviews

“[…] I teach Materials Distribution to a variety of people and bought three counterbalanced units. Before the Flat Fork units many of my students had a hard time determining whether or not their forks were level and continued to damage product. In the past 2 1/2 months since using the units we have not had one student spear any product. Your item truly does exactly what you said it would. It’s a wonderful training tool. I would love to be able to demonstrate this item while in use to any interested forklift operators. Come visit us in Martinsburg (WV) to see first hand how accurate and easy the Flat Fork works.”
Doc Greenfield
Materials Distribution Instructor
James Rumsey Technical Institute

“The FlatFork has been working great and in fact it was a highlight during an ISO audit I had this week as far as continuous improvement. The auditor thought it was a great idea and I would be able to show a reduction in damages.”
Denny Wunsch
Logistics Manager – North America
Selig Group

“We load lots of construction cargo at this store, including around 55,000 pieces per year of hardwall (wallboard). There are approximately 44 hardwall pieces per stack, and we often have 1-3 pieces that are damaged or broken on the bottom of each stack from being moved by fork lifters. The hardwall costs USD$13/piece, so damaged hardwall is an expensive problem. We now use FlatForks on our fork lifters and are very satisfied. It helps us avoid damages and has quickly paid for itself. I recommend this product.”
Mathias Andersen
XL- Bygg
Gavle, Sweden

“We use the FLATFORK for all of our new operators. This works great so they can level the forks out when they are taking product in and out of our higher racks or even to make sure forks are level when operators are traveling throughout the building.”
Brent Messenger
Project Engineer – Material Control
Kohler Co./ Kohler Power Systems

“I used it all last week and it worked wonderfully – in fact I depend on it now before I pick up a load & can’t get used to NOT using it. The magnets are a brilliant idea, better than other choices that have velcro tape. When I’m finished I put it in my locker because I’m assigned to a different forklift most days. It’s made a difference between night & day when learning how to operate a forklift. For “newbies” it is a wonderful tool.”
John Mielcarz
Forklift Operator
Ford Motor Company (engine plant)

“We’ve been using the Flat Fork tool for about a year. It’s a great tool to have, especially when we need to unload pallets on the 3rd level of the racks. It’s very accurate and the original batteries are still lasting, so it’s very low cost to operate.”
Silvestre Rodriguez
Safety Manager
R&R Industries, Inc.